• QuinSec Global security, technology and training offers our clients a comprehensive range of bespoke support options.

On Land & Offshore Security

Land & Offshore Security - QuinSec

On Land & Offshore Security

QuinSec Global’s network assures clients of access to a comprehensive security service, including armed guarding, to both the maritime industry and to international maritime services. We provide the necessary human and technological resources to deliver security planning, ship and port security surveys (ISPS) and 360-degree imagery surveys. Such services provide critical intelligence, enabling the avoidance of potential security risks, and aid rapid response as well as tactical operations in both piracy and rescue/recovery situations.

  • Providing Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Ensuring security and protection to key personnel
  • Innovative camera and tracking technology and security products
  • Advice on personnel and asset protection including citadels and safe rooms

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