• QUINSEC GLOBAL specialises in the geopolitics of energy

Energy, Oil and Gas

Energy Oil & Gas - QuinSec

Energy, Oil and Gas

With extensive and current knowledge of global energy issues, QuinSec Global offers energy security consulting. The company specialises in the geopolitics of energy and maintains a global network of energy related contacts across industry, government, service-sector professionals, and academia; all of whom can be called upon to provide advice and direction. QuinSec Global's energy consulting capability can also be allied to other client requirements, including offshore and the physical protection of personnel and assets in remote locations.

  • We can offer consultancy on site and location security
  • State of the art and innovative camera and tracking technology and other security products
  • Advice on personnel and asset protection including citadels and safe rooms
  • Security needs assessment and analysis
  • Security consultancy and advice, especially for environments that are politically unstable and potentially hostile

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